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Off-line shop now open ...

at Unit 23, 8 Andrews Road, London E8 4QN
(check this blog weekly for opening times)

This weekend:
Friday 5th Dec 17.00 - 20.00hrs
Saturday 6th Dec 12.00 - 17.00hrs
Sunday 7th Dec 12.00 - 17.00hrs


View our new Spring/Summer 2009 collection, 'Greetings from ANDLAND' in the 'things to wear' section of our website (click image below)

Our new collection of things to wear for Spring/Summer 2009, takes its inspiration from holiday travel, baggage allowances and passport visa stamps.
Pack your case with ready printed lazy post cards, a pocket size silk cardigan, jacket and trench coat, world tour printed t-shirt and bag, visa stamp embossed leather bags and wallets, visa stamped t-shirts, multi-functional zip joined tri-bag, leather valuables pouches and jewellery, leather or canvas hat-bag, holiday outfit styling with shades jewellery and packing tape, instant styling with collar and t-kerchief scarves, trigger hook shoebags ... and don't forget your passport!!!

Have fun,
Azumi and David

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