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A'N'D with Fitting Forward in Berlin...

A CONCEPT GOES OUT INTO THE WORLD - Story Telling, Art and Design 

FITTING FORWARD was the residential concept-store in Hamburg, in which Bitten Stetter & Jutta S├╝dbeck showed forward, what simmers secretly behind the scenes. For 2 years Fitting Forward presented every two months a different theme-world, selected forward-looking avant-garde designs of international designers and presented herefrom woven theme-carpets in the high-gloss-lacquered shop - www.fittingforward.com
Now this is ending. We go out into the world! We come to you, wherever you are!

Fitting Forward starts the journey during Berlin's Fashion Week, Summer 2011 and presents its theme-world PRIVATE JET LAG as guest in the showroom of Paula Immich.

PRIVATE JET LAG - It rings. Short before. What ever. Somewhere in the universe of the high-flyers. Darkness at day in the flash lights of night. Doesn't play a role. Play my role. On call duty. Hey, Honey. On the pulse of the time in the place to be. Get up. Wake-up call. Spotlight. To the front. Check-in. The bouncer is already waiting. Want to fly at higher games today. Wherever. Guest list. Passed the other ones. Priority Check. I get it. Flyaway hair, airy dress. Beauty in case. Kisses. To the right, to the left. Shit. Only ground staff. 12 cm platforms. U-turn. Sorry, I am late. Concentration-deficit over the top. So busy baby, I have to go. Between rushing and pausing. Over the limit, glamour. I go crazy. Carrousel of dolls. I'm in the middle of it. Limits of sleep, be part of it, stylish surpass. Score. Cheers to the highspeed society. I am here. Now and in place. Timezone-hangover. The show-off rhythm misses the beat. Oh my god. Her again. Cheese. The inner clock. Out of control. Outsmart her. Ahoi Sweety, nice to be here. I love you. Champagner. We touch down. No ground under our feet. Hey, so sorry, bye bye. 

It rings. Nice to meet you. You are taking part, when Fitting Forward makes a stopover. 100% black, 100% Fitting Forward on tour. Landing place Berlin. 7 days and 24 hours as guests in the showroom of Paula Immich. Please stay all buckled up from 04th until 10th of july. Show your passport for exceptional taste and go straight into the theme-world PRIVATE JET LAG, which shines with international labels and a forceful whole. An entry lane for all the fashion, products and accessories, that are glamorously out of it and, just as we like it, a little over the top. A get-together of styles.


TAKE OFF: Sunday July 3rd Pre-Opening from 3 - 7 pm
INFLIGHT-COCKTAIL: Thursday July 7th from 4-10 pm: FITTING FORWARD invites you to Inflight Cocktail
OPENING HOURS: Monday to Sunday July 4-10 daily open 12 - 8 pm 

13355 BERLIN



Fathers' Day gifts at Supermarket Sarah, Selfridges, London

Fathers' Day - Sunday June 19th, 2011

Selfridges opening hours:
Monday - Saturday 9.30am to 9pm
Sunday 11.30am to 6pm

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